1. Take care of your body (aesthetically).You may like it or not but your body, skin tone, mannerisms, knowledge about human psychology and one definite skill set are your biggest assets. Don’t let people fool you that people love you for your heart and ‘be yourself’. Don’t just ‘be yourself’ but be the best version of that.Never overlook your looks, ever. You may not like to be objectified, the world around you might preach against it, but in practical sense we do not always do what we preach. Your real power is your feminine energy. Forget feminism and gender equality bullshit. We are not equal and need not to be. Everyone is distinct and have unique roles in society. These roles are not comparable nor interchangable and need not to.
  2. Control your wild urges. No matter how much this paid media preaches you about ‘opening up’ and ‘why should boys must have all the fun’, your ‘image’ is your greatest asset. When you will try to find quality mate later, a bad social media history can be determining. Remember , men want (love) party girls for fun but never a sa life partner. Being in love or relationship or going physical before marriage might not matter now, but being a slut does. Don’t be a slut for fun.
  3. Focus on your career. People do marry for love but in increasingly competitive and practical world, money is the ultimate weapon unless you are a perfect 10 diva. For an average girl, to get a high earning settled groom do need a lot of financial stability (not necessarily dowry but financial ability and acumen). People fall in love with emotions but in progressive society, people continue in a long term relationship only when their financial goals are aligned. Money is your second best asset, apart from a well groomed body and feminine tricks of psychology.
  4. Fall in love but remain vigilant. Love is in fact a refreshing feeling. Yes people (30%) do fall in true love and yes people do live happily thereafter. But in an increasingly cunning and shallow world, love is also a cheap scam. Before committing fully and giving up your total emotional control over someone, do test them rigorously as you test gold before buying. I am assured that you will find many old plated iron bars out there.
  5. Stop watching TV and get rid of social media etc.
    1. Do you constantly feel the urge to be in love?
    2. Do you constantly feel the urge to be with someone, talk your inner heart with someone?
    3. Do you constantly feel the urge of being in a relationship because of peer pressure?

What are the features of woman that attracts a man?

Quit TV, media for one month only. Only subscribe to news feed on FB etc. Read unbiased newspapers (although there are none) sans page 3 news. I can assure you that in one full month, all these so called relationship sickness will melt away. You will become much emotionally strong and shall find your emotional stability centre. Not to mention, stop watching those crappy rom com movies and yes soap operas. Read a good non fiction self improvement book instead. Kindle is the best investment now a days. Drop the phone and buy a kindle.