The biggest mistake any guy can do while pursuing girls for courtship is to let her know about his interest in her early on.

Most guys can fall in love with any decent looking girl by just looking at her! This is fine as male interest is primarily physical in the beginning. To let a woman know about his interest early on kills the attraction. Why?

  1. Women want to pursue man (although passively). They want the thrill of acquiring a man by her charms, she wants to work hard for it. If you are too cheap, they don’t like the deal.
  2. Unlike men, most women do not fall in love with you just by glancing once. They want to know more about you, want to understand why you love them. By instantly declaring your love to them, you raise suspicion in their eyes. No woman wants to loved only because of her depreciating assets i.e. her looks and physical charms. Yes women want to be appreciated for their looks but never loved for their looks.
  3. Every decent looking girl has more creepy followers than you can ever imagine. They want someone who is equal to them and not who is head over heels to them without any decent effort.

A a rule of thumb never let a girl know about your full interest unless you are in a relationship. Let her guess and work for your attention.Believe me she like this.

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