1. Wasting my time roaming, watching movies,TV (I don’t watch TV now). I wonder had I used that time to gain real life insights, read some more books, worked with mentors to improve my self, devoted that time for more self developement, my life would have been 10 years fast. Time is the most important possession anyone can have. Use it wisely.
  2. Chasing a lot of girls. Actually a lot. I was a soft Playboy (just attracting a lot of girls and then doing nothing). I was a charmer. Just for my pseudo ego count I manipulated emotions of quite a many girls. I deeply regret it now. There is no point validating your bullshit ego by charming a lot of women and then doing nothing to just leave them infinitely thirsty and restless. It’s just like showing heaven to someone and then just switching it off completely with no remorse. But that is what is called immature age.
  3. Eating junk. I was a spoiled foodie. My body was devastated by all junk I was putting in it. You take equal amount of time to recover from junk barrage. I was 109 kg bag of fat with some muscle. It took five full years to recover from the mess I am never going to find myself in again! Care for your body. It’s your real home for life.
  4. Chasing true unconditional love. Just like many nice guys and not ‘nice guys’ out there, I too was blinded by mainstream media and movies about unconditional love. I found it very hard to realize and accept that there are bare minimum conditions in unconditional true love. At times I devoted my whole and soul into relationships only to find later that free ‘hidden conditions’ were also present in the backdrop. I always believed in total love with complete openness, with no mind games nor ego. Only love. It took me long time and quite a few nasty heartbreaks to realize that this is not the case. Later on I thoroughly researched the logic behind love (sounds weird) and understood real psychology behind it. I must say it was most heartbreaking revelation I ever had. The mirage was so wonderful. If people can’t be themselves in love and had to fulfill certain criteria (always and not just initially), maintain a pseudo self image and had to resort to some kind of mind game bullshit, I guess that love is not worth the effort. Go buy sex. Easier, better and cheaper. I found true love only twice and once about 70% (recent), then chances of average Joe finding it are next to none. I was a love explorer all my life. Testing all kinds of girls, in all kind of scenario, from all wakes of life. Only two passed with cent percent and one just failed by one percent (she failed only there last test). I don’t hate women for what they are. It is what they are, accept the reality and embrace nature’s wish. The love which exists today in real life aka #relationships is also comforting up to 70%. Something is always better than nothing. Most happy people are those who don’t know about this and always fall in the barometer of those unconditional conditions. They only get a set back of life if they ever lose that grid of ‘minimum conditions’ momentarily (or test their lovers by posing to be out of grid). My advice: Never try to break that mirage by testing your love. You will wake up, can never sleep again and will always want that broken dream back.
  5. I enjoyed every teasing, abusing bypassers (since we were in large group, empowered by raw youth, energy,zero responsibility and fake ego). I deeply regret that now. Now when I work hard to earn a living, I realize the perils of modern day life, my respect for a common man has increased multifold. Whoever is in whatever situation, I realize their struggle and battle of life. Out of ingnorance we do disrespect people when we are young, only to find later that life is not that easy as we thought it is. Always respect people who work hard whoever they might be. You may not know their struggle and life conditions. If you are privileged, thank God and not disgrace others with whom he was not that kind.

What is the most interesting thing about you?

Youth is energy, power and with great power comes great responsibility.