1. Money (Career, wealth, financial security) is your best friend in 21st century.
  2. Your next best friend is your personal health. Health is real wealth.
  3. To enhance your career you need networking as well as good contacts. I have seen many incredibly talented people working as clerks and junior level employees in mundane offices. Platform and opportunity do make a lot of difference.
  4. Never mix business and pleasure, friendship and networking, emotions and money. Pre-define your goals with people and put them in respective brackets in the beginning. Don’t shuffle the list and category unless something extraordinary happens.
  5. Integrity and honesty are still the best way to progress in career and business. Be honest in your work and always try to deliver 100%. Again do not confuse honesty with simplicity. You need methods, manipulations and life hacks to progress a swell. Be absolutely honest to the one who pays you money. Money doesn’t come easily and respect other person’s hard work to earn money.
  6. Love is a part of life. Never Invest more than other person invests in the relationship. We all have become too shallow in love and relationships. Hence tread with extra caution. Tattoo on your forehand “Career comes first”.
  7. After career it has to be family and next friends. Love comes after these. Once love becomes family, it naturally progress to a higher level. Give No one control over your life and emotions. No one loves you more than yourself and your mother.
  8. Greatest secrets to everything is in great books. Do infotainment and not just entertainment. Try to get something out of everyone and everything. Subscribe to good groups, online magazines and newspapers on facebook. Watch informative Youtube videos. Again never think how a particular knowledge will help you in future. Go on gaining knowledge about whatever you love and it will help you sometime in future. Hard work never goes waste.
  9. Stop watching porn altogether.Porn is like a pack of chips. It is infinitely tempting but you know it is never going to help you become healthy or help in your life in any way possible.
  10. Have faith in life. Yes we all are extremely cynical but there are good people in this world, people do love unconditionally and world is still a good place to live. Keep the faith. Try to hang out with good and positive people and you will soon see world to be a better place. Always start with a zero preconceived notion about anyone. Yes the ymigh tharm you a bit but if you get only 1% genuine people in your life, your life shall be a lot better in years to come.

What are the life lessons people learn too late in life?

Final advise : You have to live your own life, you have to find your own rules, you have to find your own methods. All these guidelines are just a way to show you the direction. Don’t follow anyones rules, follow your own. Just learn from their mistakes and fit their experience in your own life. There is no gospel rule for life.Life is too complex for a ten point rule list.

Tell about your own favorite rule in comments to enrich the world and community. Knowledge is free, understanding is a learned art. Share your knowledge to make world a better place.