I don’t need to go anonymous but I can give you hints.

It’s just like solving puzzles.Some of my answers from time to time have discrete hints about some of my secrets. I can’t tell you more, but as master Osho has said, secret is available to everybody in this world but only those who have the eyes to see and know about them.

  • They are inconsistent and arbitrary.
  • Some times details have been omitted or modified to confuse the reader.If you go through all my answers and try to form a link, you can see the bigger picture. But anyone who is interested in my life to that extent probably might know it by themselves or other sources.

A word of caution :

  • A lot of fiction is also there. To separate dust from the rest you need to have a direct access to my life and what I am really in real life.
  • In Quora I represent only 10% of my real life.I am much much better in person and yes more vivid and live.If you are impressed (I repeat if) then you don’t know the effect in person, I usually have on people. May be due to meditation or Aura or whatever,I don’t know,but yes many people have told me personally and confessed me that they are impressed by my soft skills and vibes.
  • You can never know anyone’s soft skills in writing. meet me once and I bet you can never forget me.

But why ? Isn’t it all boasting and self confessed narcissism ?

Let me tell you why.

  • The sole reason is that I am never present to disturb the conversation between you and me!. I am extremely relaxed.
  • I shall listen to you patiently (not because I have nothing to say or prove) but because I genuinely love people and their little stories.I will listen to you,comprehend your view.
  • I will never think about next point in my mind to prove you my superiority and also to satisfy my ego.

More precisely every one has so much life experience with them.It’s my greed to learn a thing or two from you.

And about secrets,once you have a tete-a-tete with me,I will be your secret and you shall be mine.The would be instant and everlasting.