Ahh…many, many …uncountable.

In my message box I get numerous emails of guys and girls sharing their heart out. With some the conversation do get extended. I have found few friends for life on Quora.

  • Once their problem (usually related to heart) is solved, they do reciprocate to help me too.
  • A lot of comments are heart touching and they do give new perspective to my life. In general people on Quora are liberal and like minded.
  • If you inbox any girl and don’t ask stupid questions like ‘Hi’ or stupid compliments like ‘You are beautiful and I am in love with your thoughts’, they will surely reply.
  • Ask them some real question and seek real solutions. Start with acquaintance and extend it to friendship if they are compatible too.

I am grateful that I met such wonderful people here. Nowhere in this world I could have connected with such an intelligent , thinking and open minded audience.