There has been constant debate on how and when to use emotions in seduction (Or not to show any emotions at all). Further the theory of comfort tests and its conflict with shit test always put us in to minds.

Women are emotional beings, but display of emotions is at times deemed beta in seduction world.This post intends to resolve this conflict and invites further discussion.

When display of emotion is bad?

  • Justifying your wrong or right doings.
  • Explaining things to her.
  • Apologising after a fight or any other mundane tasks when she does ‘I am angry’ shit test.
  • Seeking approvals
  • Displaying too much love over text when she is ignoring you (instead of living your own life and ignoring her more).
  • Praising her when she is losing interest in you.
  • Begging her to come back (In case of rebound love or short breakup shit test).
  • Proving her your ‘true love’ by display of weak emotions (like poetry/love letters)

When display of emotion is good?

  • Whenever you are in control, emotions always work wonder.
  • Best emotion to display to a girl is mild anger. She loves when you are bit angry with her (and not an assole). This shows strength, abundance mentality and non neediness.
  • Showing emotions of love and empathy when she is literally craving and begging for it. You like the water most when you are really thirsty.
  • Any emotion shown when you are in control and she is desperate does wonders. Remember , any mild emotion.

Anger is testosterone. Anger is aggressiveness, assertiveness. Anger and ability to get angry is your most potent weapon in seduction. If used correctly, you can bring her to knees in no time.

Caution : Getting mad over things is a great tool if used correctly. Rookies must use this tool with caution and testing waters a bit.You can get angry and say/do things to curb her bad behaviour. But remember never to break the core beliefs in any relationship.

  • Never say she is ugly. Neglect otherwise.
  • Never say you don’t love her. Friendzone her otherwise.
  • Never say anything which destroys core beliefs in any relationship like you enjoy being with her. Destroy he rego but never the relationship. After all relationship is all about love and having good time (at least for her).

Playing with emotions using anger is like playing with fire. A good fire gives you good food. A bad fire destroys it.