7 things which makes a guy hot

  1. Bit of arrogance and masculine vibe. Arrogance as a extension of self confidence and not being a loggerhead.
    1. You must show with your mannerisms that you have a personality, little bit of attitude and something to be proud off. All this must be in the background, in the subconscious level. This must never surface out. Your attitude must reflect and not directly inhibit in your body language. For women confidence is sexiest aphrodisiac.
    2. You must be darn polite, eloquent, well behaved but with a vibe of invisible attitude. Needs a lot of practice to find the perfect fine balance.
  2. Fit body : You must be reasonably fit. Women cannot stop their attraction for well built man. Fitness signals good genes. Women take a lot of self care for their looks and body and they appreciate the hard work you do on your physique. Fit body solves as much as 50% of your dating worries and initial rejection. Body parts which women like the most include
    1. Hands and fore arms
    2. Chest and Shoulders
    3. Legs (Specially hips and thighs)
    4. Lips (Yes women love lips of men)
  3. Gift of Gab : Pathway to Woman’s heart is always through words. A bit of emotion, a bit of carelessness, a bit of masculinity, all combined make perfect recipe of an attractive talking style for any male. Don’t try to be funny always. Don’t become another joker.
    1. Women love depth in your talk.
    2. Talk about fashion, grooming, attraction, relationships etc and they will flock you with attention. Philosophy, psychology etc is apt for women of higher aptitude.
    3. Best talking is genuine active listening.
  4. Cool and calm attitude (Nonchalant) : Woman are infinitely addictive to men who are cool , calm and composed. Men who are not moved by little drama women create to test you, make you infinitely attractive.
    1. Don’t over react to their problems.
    2. Don’t over react to their changing moods and reactions.
    3. Don’t mind everything they say about you. At times this is just an unconscious way to test you.
    4. Initially women show themselves to be strong. As you become non-reactive to their test, they open their real selves and discuss their real problems with you. Women open up but only to the worthy.
    5. Being non-reactive must not be misunderstood as insensitive. it only means unmoved by problems and taking everything in stride, while finding a solution. This never means evading the problem.
  5. Grooming : Women are fashion junkies. They remember all types of colour combinations along with their Hex Codes! Women are fashion conscious and fashion intelligent. Nothing can overshadow nice clothes and good accessories in attracting any lady.
    1. For Men good quality clothes are more important than colour combinations. Women have other physical assets like skin tone and colour, body parts, etc. to compensate for clothing. Men don’t have that liberty.
    2. Basic rules however must be followed. Match your shoe colour with corresponding belt colour. Have a nice watch and wallet.
    3. Don’t use too many accessories. Too much pea-cocking like bracelets (Unless gold bracelets), scarfs, hand bands, hair bands, neck scarfs, cow boy hats etc. signify low status to elegant women. Only young immature girls find all that attractive.
    4. A nice watch and good wallet along with Gold Bracelet (Not necessary) is sufficient for most men. Gold rings are not sexy. Gold chains are nice if they are not very heavy.
    5. Accessories must compliment your personality and not overshadow it.
  6. Personal hygiene : Women all over the world are cleanliness freaks. Properly trimmed nails, clean teeth, bathing, perfume, shaving or trimming etc. are must do things before meeting any women.Smell is second most effective way to attract women after confidence.
  7. Most Important Rule : Have you ever experienced that just after contacting any woman (Either way), she gets cold after few messages or single interaction? Why?
    1. Reason is very simple. You gave her too much importance during initial conversation.
    2. You let her know that you find her attractive.
    3. You told her that she is sexy.
    4. All this is a strict no. Never let any woman know about your interest in her in initial meetings or interaction. Women keep count of orbiters and followers. You will end up in that list. Be normal, natural and a bit stranger!

Attracting women is very easy if you pass their pre selection.

Secrets to a modern woman’s heart