1. Don’t love anyone blindly. Play some mind games. Don’t open your heart too soon. Wait for the right moment. Don’t assume their love even if you know they love you. Unless they tell you explicitly your opening up of your heart will go in vain, nourish their ego and harm your prospects. Stop mind games only when love is accomplished.
  2. Relativity is true. Time really moves too fast at times. One day per second when you are with your lover or pursuing you’re passion. Otherwise a second per day.
  3. Sometimes you laugh and cry at the same time at your helplessness to help those who you truly love, only because the way this shitty media programmed minds works. It’s much easier to ensnare people using mind games than through true love. Ha ha.
  4. Remember only one thing. Love will come and go. Money will come and go. This time which you are having shall never return. Enjoy your life. Do not let it depend on anyone or anything for your happiness. You really live once.
  5. Let people break your heart. Let people user you for their ego and validation. Let people assume you are below them. Do not stop falling in love. Even if you get one nice person after 100 breakups, it’s worth the effort. I have seen all. Sex, love, sex without love, sex with love, love without sex, multiple relationships, many girlfriends, FWB, true love and whatever you can think off. Only thing which really and truly fulfill has a common denominator and that is love. Do not fall into media bullshit of fast food noodle relationships.
  6. Do not believe that sex will satisfy and fulfill you. Sex is like a drink which makes you more thirsty after you drink it. Just like opium. Sex is good, it full fills, its tempting but never satiates you fully if love and emotion are not involved. Go to Seduction forums, read memoirs of players, don Juan’s and seducers. Only time they will share they really liked, enjoyed and remembered the sexual encounter was when real emotions were involved. Men are not cocks and women vaginas. We are humans guided by feelings. You may realise this only when you do sex with someone you truly love. Before that it’s all outdated bullshit.

What is the saddest truth about life?