1. All men are not rapists and eve teasers. In fact 90% of men are simple nice guys just living their lives, doing the normal things. Media reports employ a technique of psychology called ‘Focalism’. We focus more on things in front of our immediate future of immediate next. A report of man harassing a girl reaches everyone at the same time and we feel it’s occurring just in our vicinity. In terms of percentage the data are heavily skewed and standard deviation is almost infinity.
  2. Women are a lot more mature and conversant with working of mind as far as love, relationship and dating is concerned. What a man learns after 10 years of study of female psychology, a female know since birth. The gap is fuckingly vast. Hence Girls are intuitive about everything while men are just clueless about love and relationship details. Its like competing with fish in swimming!
  3. Career come first for both men and women. With increasingly competitive, selfish and costly world, it is imperative that both genders need to earn to pull a happy family.Thus career come first.
  4. Money is your self worth and social market value. Slowly paradigm is shifting. Now money earning capacity is equally important for women as it was to men. Money is the master.
  5. Love as we know it in movies and bluepilled TV serials does not exist in real life. Love is a lot more utilitarian than ever. In coming decade the crisis to find better partner shall shift to both men and women. With increasing unemployment and loss of jobs, time is just on the horizon when to get a better groom girls have to compete a lot. Women can no longer sit in their sofa cum bed and assume that their prince charming will come to rescue them. The age of men pursuing women is getting over faster than expected. Gender equality shall encourage women to get (pursue) the best for them and not choose the best available to them.
  6. Moral and ethical values are on demise faster than ever. We want instant pleasure. Multiple partners, polyamory, polyandry, polygamy etc are norm of new decade. People are now more emotionally numb on issues related to social and moral policing. Life must be fun (LMBF) is the new mantra. I also believe this to be true. If you are not enjoying everyday of your life and are not perfectly satisfied or happy, everything else is just a stat on screen. Your bank balance, social media likes, property, money, wealth , whatever you can think of (even your girlfriend) are just useless. By fun I do not mean sex only but total satisfaction quotient of life.
  7. If you ask me to name only one thing on which you must never compromise, I shall name health. Everything comes second. You do not live in your apartment, in your car, in your office, in your bank account, you live in your body.
  8. We all are craving love, relationships (even those who are in relationships!) and true friendship. Only problem is that we want everything but are not ready to give anything. This gap is the real problem.
  9. Surprisingly we all know that social media is fake, most friendships are mostly strategic alliance, morals are dirt low, relationships are just 12 letter word, still we pretend that everything is alright. We all know government is corrupt, law is useless and is just mistress of rich, world is rigged etc, we still pray and wait for miracles. We all are hopeless romantics as far as working of world is concerned. Amusing human mind.

What is the biggest lie society has taught you?