10 things which are not the same on theory and practice in India

Know the difference between

  1. Love affair vs marriage. The difference is too wide in India.
  2. There are more career options than medical and engineering.
  3. Every man is not an eve teaser and skin digger. Every woman is not gold digger and ‘will marry according to her parents wishes’. True love though rare, do exists.
  4. Every body is NOT corrupt. Many people are brutally honest.
  5. Indian army might not be the largest or equipped with latest weapons. But our soldiers are damn patriotic and brave to send chill waves across spines of ‘biggest mountain like’ armies in the world.
  6. However clever we may seem, we are really nice deep at heart.
  7. Some so called ‘nice guys’ (genuine guys) really love their girlfriends madly and can really even die for them. They are really good at heart and absolutely faithful.
  8. However modern, hip and hype we may become, there is small portion of our heart which forever remain ‘Hindustani’.
  9. Bro code do exist.
  10. 90% of ours social behaviour is fake and only to impress others and sound ‘cool’.

What are some things many people pretend to like but don’t actually enjoy?