Absolutely not. Finding love is over hyped and over rated. Capitalist paid media wants consumers. Consumers of data, gifts, cards, flats, movie tickets, vacations, cars etc etc.

With the purpose of finding love, you will always encounter these conditions pre built.

For women it’s make-up, dresses, learning etiquettes, gym and self maintenance. Beauty industry now commands billions of dollars of business. Plastic surgery, nose job, lip job, butt job, hymenplasty, weight loss operations, teeth reconstruction, eye brow retouch (laser), other hair removal laser procedures, Botox, vaginal tightening and maintenance!!

Do you find love in above statements?

These are prerequisites.

I don’t condemn any of the above nor the self improvement. I codemn the process of making men wallets and women skin. You must have a greater purpose in life. Some bigger dream to change the world and make life of fellow people easier. Love will always find you.

What is a girl’s biggest turn off?

For most of us, love is an accident, it happens when you expect it to happen the least. Find your higher purpose and put all your energies to work. I can assure you love will find you.

Same for women. Improve your self. Don’t change your self for people and things.

The one who would love you in your ‘out of the bed look’, the who love you when you are nine months pregnant fat, one who loves you when your makeup has worn off, when your eyeliner is not perfect, when your wardrobe is not matching, when your mood swings are in full swing, when your figure is not your career best, is the right man for you.

Wait, test the best and never compromise.

Don’t get me wrong. You need looks or maybe success or mind games to attract people, to bring them in your comfort zone and maybe fool their media brainwashed mind. But after the dust settles in any relationship, you both must be standing naked (pun intended).

Love is life but you must have a life before you let love inside. Again that love must intermix in your life and not overpower it.