Barring 1% of women (The exceptional cases unadulterated by media brainwash), the answer is a resounding no!

  1. Women flock towards exceptional passion but they do anticipate material benefits. Only passion as if exceptional poet or extra talented flute player but with no method to convert that talent to green bucks, is practically worthless for women.
  2. Men are voyeuristic, polyamorous and women are hypergamous as well as pragmatic. Our minds are wired differently and for the sole reason that nature wants best offsprings to survive. People are not selfish, nature is. It make perfect sense as far as evolutionary science (Nature’s conspiracy) is concerned for an Alpha man to have many offsprings (and many partners) and for any fertile woman to have best genes. You see the two correlate perfectly!
  3. It is inbuilt in women (they can’t stop it) to fall for the Alpha male (irrespective of her relationship status) and for Alpha male (or any male whatsoever) to seek multiple partners to distribute his genes. A woman cannot resist an Alpha male and any man cannot resist a healthy female who can bear healthy childrenNature does not have conscience, nature does not think, nature is wild, nature is involuntary, nature does not follow societal rules and pressure. We have society and social rules in place just to keep societal fabric going haywire.
  4. Even if you do not offer instant material benefit, you must show the potential of future material gains. Money is real talent (And it is true to a large extent). Love as we knew it is long dead. Truth is bitter but truth is truth. As beautiful women have scores of men following them, Alpha males have tons of females following them. Let me reveal one more open secret. You don’t court any women. Women allow you to court them. Relationship is an invitation only event. Yes after she sends positive signals, it’s up to you to pick them and act.

Importance and uses of Alpha frame

Men love you unconditionally provided you are healthy and have good genes. Similarly women love you unconditionally provided you can provide them and their children in future.

This is the unconscious, unwritten pre condition of mating inbuilt in us.

Note : 1% of people of both genders excluded.