Few contrary lessons about money

  1. Masses can never make great money : This system or any other system is designed to transfer wealth from masses to classes. Call it conspiracy theory or common sense, this is stark reality.
    1. You can never earn money (read great money) when markets are moving to all time high and almost ‘everybody’ is jumping into the wagon. Just think about it. Top 1% of people in the world hold about 80% of the wealth. Even a common sense would imply that they do things opposite to what masses are doing!
    2. Remember all media houses, all news papers, all magazines etc. are owned by these very very rich elite. This is again common sense to assume that they all follow elitist agenda. Think in this way. Suppose you are Mukesh Ambani, who holds controlling stake in TV Network 18. Now what will the media house do. Wouldn’t they follow agenda of Ambani and friends! Conversely what would you have done if you were Ambani?
    3. Let us take example of share market. Masses enter the market when every good news is factored in, everything looks rosy and cosy and the risk is almost zero!
      1. Don’t you know that market factor future events into its price? All the present and future ‘nice’ information is already factored into the price plus the premium for the information.
      2. Hence whenever masses starts to buy, elite start to sell! Isn’t it common sense! You know when someone is selling in huge quantities, we must have buyers in huge quantity.
      3. Take history of any stock market crash, be it 1929 (The great depression), 1987 (The black Monday) or recent 2008 (Real estate crash), markets were at all time high before the crash and were in bull market for years.
      4. Greed and fear rule the market. Share market is common sense and understanding of investor psychology and has nothing to do with head and shoulder patterns nor candlestick patterns or hockey stick chart or cup formation and so on and so forth.
      5. There is only one universal rule for investing in trading everywhere. You buy good quality stuff at a low bargain price (example when the news flow and not the fundamentals are negative) and sell when the time is right. Masses do the exact opposite. They lose both ways. In greed cycle as well as fear cycle.
  2. It is easier (or equally easier) to make big money as it is to make small money : Money is all about mindset.
    1. You are not paid what you need.
    2. You are not paid what you want.
    3. You are not paid what you are worth.
    4. You are not paid what you deserve (People or companies usually pay less than half your worth).
    5. You are paid what you negotiate and what you really think you must be paid.
    6. Hence I continuously argue about learning human behavioural psychology, negotiation principles and manipulative (ethical) tactics to get what you deserve. These entrepreneurs, these business house, companies etc. are too shrewd and know too much about human psychology. Hence it is like you are fighting with a knife in a gunfight! You will always lose. Business is all human psychology in action. Learn about all this and you shall be amazed and enlightened.
    7. Hint : Companies usually offer the minimum they want to pay to hire you. You can easily renegotiate that to at least 30% markup!
      1. You have to be non needy.
      2. You have to tell them firmly that you will work only for at least 30% more.
      3. You must have a backup of six months expenses and no loans so that you can negotiate with ease of mind. (Most people don’t have this and they fail. Hence Mortgage means slavery or death in Oxford Dictionary).
    8. Salary negotiation techniques.
      1. Never negotiate on what you are currently getting. Tell them that you will decide your payment based on work needs and work life balance etc.
      2. Whenever they offer you a package, repeat what they said and take a 7 second break as if you are thinking. Suppose they say 6 LPA, you repeat 6 LPA and take a pause for 7 seconds (as if you are thinking). Usually they come up with better offer instantly.
      3. Remember companies make huge profit only by making you over work and under pay. In any company, 80:20 rule applies. 80% of revenue comes from 20% of employees. Hence many are just paid for doing good morning, good evening, ass licking of boss and his wife etc.
      4. You can ask them that you need time to think. Then don’t call them for a week. After a week when HR calls, you can always mark up 30%.
      5. Money in mindset, money is courage, money is risk. If you can’t risk losing a job, don’t try this method.
  3. Money is just like a woman, you can only attract it : You all must have experienced how difficult it is to get any girl by chasing it. Same with money.
    1. You become needy, you chase money and it goes farther away from you (Just like woman)!
    2. You can attract money as well as woman by never directly mentioning about it. You need a new girlfriend, never let her know that you like her or want her unless she shows explicit signals. Same with money. Want a new bigger job, never say directly to anyone that you need one. Just make it peripheral. Talk about your accomplishments, you goals and how you meet your targets but never mention directly that you need )(want) a better job, opportunity etc.
    3. Remember Mathews effect. World gives more to those who don’t need (want) it. The moment you explicitly tell your need, desire or want, the magic spell is broken. Let them figure it out for you.
  4. Money in personality, money is mindset, money is your positioning : Want to become CEO of any company, dress like a CEO, carry yourself as a CEO, talk like them, have accessories they would use, go to places they will go etc. In short to be rich, look like rich and see how the magic of Mathews effect works in favour of you.
    1. The essence of this principle is that ‘Money attracts money’. You must have some money or at least fanciful display of it to get more money. Again since 99% of this world are severely underpaid (to the extent of 50% or more less), it is actually lot easier to earn more money than less money.
    2. People Pay you about what they perceive about you. Money paid to you is people’s perception about you.

What are some money saving tips?

Last advice : All these tricks, methods, manipulations etc are not substitute for hard work and real learning. Yes they do add up to 30% of your success, but are never a substitute for real hard work. Just like supplements help you achieve a good health but never are a substitute for main course meal.