Men, the most underrated and misunderstood species.

All men are NOT ‘

  1.  The ‘Men will be Men’ type
  2. No, they do not jump on every naked piece of meat like a dog.
  3. Men do love their children a lot. No, all females are not contracted by God to shower all the love to their kids.( Nothing offensive but the general perception that the mother loves more and the father doesn’t care is not always correct).
  4. Men are EMOTIONAL. We are not experts in revealing emotions but that doesn’t mean that we think from our pants. We also love truly, unconditionally and fully.
  5. Men are NOT detail oriented but they are ‘task’ oriented. If we feel that it is important, then we will pay attention. Otherwise, we are not really bothered about your pets activities.
  6. Men get attracted (read temporarily infatuated) to a lot of women, but we also reject many females. If we are NOT following you or stopped following you, that means that we have lost interest in you! Also attraction is never equal to love. It is more difficult rather, much more difficult to make a man fall in love with you. For attraction the list is already very long. You may have many suitors and we have many leads!
  7. Men are LAZY as far as relationships are concerned. Just because we don’t always text, call or meet with you does not mean that we have stopped loving you. We are just carefree, baby!  Once we get that coveted “YES” after so much trouble, don’t expect us to follow the same rules and regulations! We will become complacent and you can’t change that! Girls also throw unnecessary tantrums for just one date, one meeting etc. We understand that you are playing games. Get ready for 2nd innings also!
  8. Men don’t cheat you behind your back. Flirting is inbuilt in them but baby, love takes time to come and to go. We are NOT ‘pick up artists’ waiting to get laid wherever we get a chance. Exceptions are always there though.
  9. Men feel really jealous of their girls giving favors, likes, comments to other guys, whatever they may say. We take away one good point of yours for every bitchy act of yours. We are master calculators and always have mental spreadsheets open. You are OFF when your points become zero!
  10. Men are in-born Sherlock Holmes. You feel that we don’t know what you do behind our back, baby wake up and get a shower! We shall not always let you know that our detectives know your each and every move and also we will use all these points when we want to break up or need the dreaded silent break up! We do all this only for girls we truly love and only till when we are not sure of their behavior. Once we are assured that we got a ‘good girl’… who gives a fuck!. We will sleep whole day watching cricket or do that damn research on you!
  11. Girls are great net workers but men are great learners. We learn from the behavior of yours and others rather quickly. A boy hardly gets cheated twice!

Which is the quality that men are more attracted to, intelligence or innocence?