These are gospel truths of career.

  1. Job and career are two different things. You can’t have both.Statistically speaking, companies pay on an average 10% of your output to them.
  2. People never get rich (wealthy) by doing jobs because their ability to think in terms of investment and wealth is marred by myopic vision of corporate life.Investment for an employee is just loans and tax saving. Bigger your salary, bigger your loan!. One house loan over, banks offer you second home!. One car over, get one more.This loan trap never gets over and your future income is already taken by banks.
  3. Real currency is freedom and not numbers in your bank account.
  4. 80% of employees who think of quitting and starting a business and fail to do so because of loans and unnecessary liabilities.
  5. Every body has a boss who fucks them equally.
  6. Our society is programmed to work for the rich and make them richer.
  7. This article will change nothing except giving 2 day boost.Real change occur to those who have courage to assess the situation and plan for couple of years to exit this rat race.Remember even if you win a rat race , you are still a rat.