We all know that day game is the real pick up and seduction. For example you saw a sexy girl going in a mall in front of you. You know that you are never gonna see her ever again if you miss her this time. How to cold approach her?

I give you two takeaways which always work.

  1. Don’t look at her or stare her if you are planning to approach. Let her know that you just went and bumped into her. If you start staring any girl for longer duration and not approaching, you fall into stare zone pretty fast and can never get out of it. If you look at her then approach her quickly.
  2. What to say while approaching any girl out of blue ? I prefer commenting on dress or accessories. Girls are fashion conscious. You can tell her some corrective measure in her dress. Say that shoes don’t go well with this top or any thing you can think off. Fashion is always a good topic to start with any girl. Next change topic very fast and continue some private banter like name , age etc.
  3. Second method of cold approach is ‘help me’ method. Ask for any mundane help like ‘Do you have a pen’ or what ever.Rule for ‘help me’ approach
  • Always ask open ended help. Do not ask for way to cinema which she will point out and run. *After initial break out, switch topics fast. When we switch topics fast our brain gets confused and we are temporarily hypnotized (this is the basis of all hypnotic commands).
  • If she is in hurry, leave her before she leaves you and give her your number to contact later. Leave the conversation in between for Zeigarnick effect to work. If she gives her number back, you win. If she doesn’t even in that case onus to contact further is on her. You can use fractionation on her after break out.
  • Fractionation is mixing of two contradictory emotions in short time or in one sentence some times. This might look bullshit to male mind but for female mind it does wonders. You can just say ‘ I find you attractive even though you are quite average’. You are creating confusion in her mind and in turn making her more receptive towards your talks.
  • Last take away : Never give plain compliment to any girl. Always add a small rider of disguised insult (very subtle). You will be surprised by the results.

Remember all seduction is confusing other person and hence switching off their rational critical mind.


Secret to modern women’s heart