School crush….Ahh…

  • I started all this love games right from class 6.She  was in my class and dusky, smart and outspoken.Her name was Le**a.I used to watch her quite often from my desk and she used to reciprocate.Strangely though, she will never talk to me in the class but after school she will go with me on her bicycle.She will magically join me out of no where and we will chat along the way back home. My ONLY weakness with girls is their nature.Softer you are, easier I am. Looks don’t impress me.
  • I was sort of immature in those days (ya I was only 11!). I told every one in the class that she catches me after school.This ruined her reputation of a “Good girl” and she stopped catching me.
  • Later my father got transfer to Shillong from Jabalpur and it all ended.My sweet first love!

I have a crush on my teacher. Normally when I have a crush I can get over it, but he’s so nice to me, and thinks of me as a friend. Should I tell him?