Yes, absolutely. Schizophrenia is totally treatable and curable in many cases. It does take a lot of time, but yes, it is possible. You need to work on your career. Do not believe what others say or think.

Let me give you a shocker. In the top 500 fortune companies, there are around 15 people with acute schizophrenia diagnosed and treated. In 1998 US elections, one candidate had a history of manic depression.

Osho says everybody is mad. Few let other people know it!

Let me give you or anyone reading this a test. Take a piece of paper and write whatever thought comes to your mind in the next one minute.

The results of my test

  • What should I write.
  • Main hoon sharabi ya ye bottle sharibi
  • You can’t take this test while writing an answer
  • Finish this shitty test
  • BC
  • PAK gaya bhai
  • Its over.

Do you get what I am saying? Everybody has madness within them. My madness was at a low level only because my mind has a task at its disposal, but else you don’t know what we think. The mind has thoughts with no correlation.They are like impromptu!

Vivekananda said that the ‘Mind is like a drunken monkey’.

Controlled madness is genius.