One thing that can guarantee you assured success in life?

Yes, I can name perseverance (Very important though), power of compounding improvement due to consistent hard work, Self belief and self image etc.

All of the above and many more things that I can name are the most most important things required in someone’s life in order to gain success. Hard work, networking, single point focus, integrity, smart mind, manipulative skills and the list goes on…

Then what is THE most important skill apart from these?

The most important skill for success in today’s world apart from the skills mentioned above is the ability to think ‘Contrary to the conventional wisdom’.

This is the minimum starting point to acquire absolute wealth and success in life.

Conventional wisdom says

  • Go to college, take a degree course and find a high paying job.
  • Take loans to fulfill your greatest dreams of owning a house and a big car.
  • Do not follow your passion instead take the safe road of skill development and job safety.
  • Never Invest money when the markets are going down and there is a high (apparent or perceived) risk involved.
  • Never ask that boy/girl out due to fear and let him or her go out with someone else!
  • Marry according to the wishes of your parents and never even let them know that you like someone else.
  • Never ever even dare to start a business since you may incur loss!

You can see for yourself that 99% of people never become the best version of themselves only because of the fear based mindset and lack of initiative.


  • That boy or girl may say no to you but you are at least free of the guilt that you tried your best and can move on.
  • Your business might incur losses but you learn to play only on the playground. If you want to swim, you have to risk entering into the water. No one has ever become a business tycoon in their first ever venture. Failures are lessons required to learn success. Failures are in fact the cost of learning. Nothing comes free.

It takes guts to become successful and risk is inherently inbuilt everywhere.

Last quote : If the way to gain wealth and success was to do what everyone else is doing, then everyone else might have been a billionaire.


  • Masses never to the top or make great money.
  • Think different, take risks and I assure you a great success.
  • Take failures and losses as cost incurred to learn life skills and success.