No, not intelligence or knowledge or exposure.

The youth have a lot of (Fake) emotional intelligence. They’re quite good at faking emotions as well as relationships. Although this fake EQ does not guarantee long term success and doesn’t have a very long shelf life, it is quite helpful in garnering short term mediocre success.

Again, willpower is a vague term. Willpower is an vague and obscure term with no way to define it precisely. Willpower cannot be quantified or measured.

The youth is lacking the one golden rule of life.


Millennials want everything fast and quick. They want instant fame, instant love, instant money and instant success. They are not ready to put the long hours and the continuous hard work that is required for success.

Yes, they are knowledgeable and wise but everything has a gestation period. A seed takes time for germination. It does not matter how much water or nutrients you feed into the soil, there is a minimum incubation period.

You can use artificial nutrients, drugs and some other ways to get a plant to grow fast on steroids but that success is not long lasting.

Few examples

  • Youth wants to build a nice body really quick. They (can) use drugs to build a good body real fast and gain 20 pounds in a month but do you feel that build will last long?
    • Can you really build the skeletal frame needed to support a heavy weight in one month? You know the answer. The quick success which comes with shortcuts have its own quirks.
  • We all want success. But the youth wants to become a CEO in two years. They always have a flawed and skewed view of life supported by weak arguments derived from outliers like Mark Zuckerberg and Justin Bieber.
    • Nowadays, the youth succeeds really quickly by stepping on other people’s success, cheating colleagues, playing manipulative mind games as well as adapting to unethical office politics. But the world is round and it always comes back to you. Without Networking and real societal help, don’t expect to go too far.

What is the most valuable skill a person must know?

Never underestimate the power of real hard work and continuous improvement.

The human mind is amazing and it can grow really big but with one important condition. It takes time and real hard work.

Last advice, just go on doing what you love or like and you will find yourself at the top one day. Never try to measure how much you have moved.

Go on working hard and you will shine like no one before. I can assure you for that. Hard work never goes to waste. Print it and put it on your mirror. Just in one year (remember it takes time) you can see your life changing to unforeseen levels.

Sadly enough, most people give up in one month and hence never see the transformations and the best version of themselves.