8 productivity hacks

  1. Do your primary work early in the morning.
  2. Waking up early can be the most important hack you will ever learn in your whole life.
  3. Start and continue while your inspiration is strong. If you get real inspiration to learn some thing or start a project at 12 am, do it. Go on doing it until you get bored or when your energy becomes obsolete. Many times, most of the work is often completed half way through in one sitting.
  4. Always have a rough idea of your daily routine. Trying to tie your self to a strict routine is never productive.
  5. For any work, start with a rough draft. Leave it. Your mind shall return to it in the meantime automatically. Research “Zeigarnick effect” to learn more.
  6. For students, try spaced and interleaved learning to your advantage.
  7. Many times, starting any thing finishes half of it.
  8. Just becoming time conscious and not exactly following it like a routine can make you more productive. Writing your goals objectively and realistically can increase your success percentage by 56%.