1. They are more traditional (specially, the ones from suburbs).
  2. They are more easy to go with but are equally sensitive.
  3. Yes, they are infinitely moody with mood swings and tantrums.
  4. They are much more simple and faithful than their northern counterparts.
  5. To get a yes from a Marathi girl is not that difficult, she will stay with you for longer and be more faithful. But those ultra modern girls are the same in every sphere.
  6. They spy on you and do not easily forget you if you leave them.
  7. They are a lot more forgiving than other girls (Northern, Southern) and they are a lot more bold.
  8. They are open, bold (may approach you or message you first or might even propose you). The so called inferiority complex is less prevalent in them.

What do guys wish they knew about girls but girls don’t wish guys knew?

Due to the soft and simple culture of Mumbai, they trust you easily and trust you for long. They are kind of the best mix of North and South. As intelligent as the North, and as faithful as the South.