I have been abroad, and I have friends from all the corners of the globe and of all kinds of background. I still like India.

I can name 1,000 reasons ranging from patriotism, my culture ,my people, my language, my food, my type of atmosphere, my festivals etc.

But now I will name only one reason.

India has life, and life has colors. If you live in India, small town, Big town, Urban, Rural or anywhere, you will (can) never get bored. Walk out to any streets and you can find infinite variety, spice, food and color.

  1. You will find very rich posh people and poor peasant walking on the same road.
  2. You can find five star hotels as well as small dhabas at an separation of 100 metres.
  3. India is a happening country. Everytime, everywhere there is news. People fight, people quarrel, people argue, people are very talkative as well as helpful. In short, you can see more drama everywhere. In any quarrel, the drama quotient is always 80%! People can be seriously entertained because of a small argument where in the end each one says sorry and leaves! It just adds spice to the life.
  4. Indians are extremely romantic people. Our romance does not start with dating and ends up in a hotel room. It has all drama, anger, grief, love, humor, despair, fights and any other emotion you can think of!
  5. Indian love stories are not evening dates along weekends. Indian love stories are 24 by 7 affair! We are very possessive and protective about our lovers (both ways). No relationship is less than husband-wife kind of quarrel and love!
  6. India has spicy food, spicy life, happening streets. Walk down any street and your mood shall get refreshed just by seeing all the variety in the world in front of you.
  7. Indians are ambivalent people. A mix of contradictory emotions and thoughts. We are both simple and cunning. Both loving and cruel. Both benevolent and competitive. Yes, we are emotional fools at times but at times can amuse you with our sharp wit and control of emotions.
  8. Indians are the most adaptive race in the world. Yes, we are Marathis, Brahmins, Northern, Southers etc. But we also have a common gene called ‘Indianness’. We are both lavish as well as economical. We are extremely predictable as well as extremely unpredictable.

Getting carried away with the narration, experience the contradiction here

9 bitter truths about life in India

Yes, life anywhere else might be comforting as well as easy. But you can never get such color and spice anywhere else.

You can take an Indian out of India but you can never take the India out of an Indian.

Once an Indian, always a proud Indian.