Golden advice from a wise friend

I had a friend, named Gautam. I was in grade 6th then. As usual like any young teenager I used to get upset by small little things like exams, any debating competition, meeting new people etc.

I was with him one early morning and during our morning jog we messed up with a local goon (sort of a small goon). He threatened him with consequences later on. I was scared for him as I knew brother of said miscreant and I was safe. I asked him to take care and be careful while assuring him of a compromise. To my surprise he was not worried at all. His words were ‘Tomorrow is tomorrow’ (Kal ki kal dekhi jayegi).

I was amused. He told me that things and situations change in a day. It’s not necessary to worry too much. If things go really awry, he will think of dealing with it. To my surprise nothing happened. His carefree attitude gave signals to opposite party that he cares not and he is ready for consequences.

These lines stuck with me in my mind forever.

Tomorrow is tomorrow. Do the worrying part now and leave the rest. Don’t linger your mind with thoughts of uncertainty forever.