I learnt through my experiences.

  1. Earlier in my life (When I was a teenager), I thought love was the greatest thing in life. Love is the biggest motivation and the biggest achievement. I fell in love, gave everything in love and failed most of the times (Not because girls were not reciprocated but because I was shy, socially inept and simple. Girls whom I loved were the same).
  2. Following few bad experiences with clever girls and with good but shy girls , I resorted to seduction and mind games. Surprisingly I got considerable success with these methods and were overwhelmed with my success. There was a time that I would practically get any girl to succumb to my charms plus methods in two weeks. I had success with girls but still it was all vacant. I had to continue playing my mind games to keep them in love with me. It was terribly boring after initial contact. In a sense we both were puppets to the common chord. Even though she was dancing to my tunes, I was also bound by the rules of the game!
  3. After college came career time. After my career was established a bit, my real search for peace began. I knew for sure that fake love or acquired love through methods doesn’t work in the long run and is incredibly boring. But again, psyche of girls does come into play while selecting partners. Hence, I adopted a mixed approach. I played my mind games only till the extent needed. I used seduction as just a corrective measure. Girl not behaving properly, use some tricks to get her on the right track and become nice again. This method worked well for me and I guess this said the best approach to tame active evolutionary mind.

Long story short, nothing fulfils and satisfies like true love. Mind games and seduction work well to get sex and ego boost but the boost is very short lived.

Try true love instead and you will be mesmerised for life.

A word of caution : बड़े धोखे हैं इस राह में … (A lot of treachery is placed in the path of true love).

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