8 unethical corporate life hacks

  1. Lack of experience? For a lack of work experience, you can always fake it till you make it. It is a catch 22 irony that without experience there is no job and without job there is no experience.
    1. Choose small companies which cannot be cross checked.
    2. If cross checking , take help of a friend or relative to certify the same.
    3. You can use your Corel draw or Photoshop skills to create good fake logos, and yes fake companies, your self.
  2. Buttering is now bread and butter for many people. Try it and find your life going easy.
  3. Cash always wins. You can always give a raise to your salary by 20% of CTC and mention in the interview as cash component.
  4. For academics , want to raise your credentials. Publish a book on Kindle (Along with paper back). Orders hard copy and place it on interview table. There is no better resume than a well published book. Works for technical field too. You can use a ghost writer too.
  5. Have gaps in your career? Tell them that you were continuing education and produce a fake certificate of useless computer course (Can be bought easily in little money or use almighty Photoshop!) Rename gap period as career enhancement!
  6. Want more salary ? Reduce the work hours of previous job and rename as ‘flexible work hours like four hours per day” etc. Now you can bet for twice your regular salary for 8 hour profile!
  7. Want to work less and get paid more? Choose night shifts. usually people are reluctant for night shifts. Since whole world sleeps, work is apparently less and pay is obviously more due to ‘strenuous’ nature of job!
  8. Always ask for ‘relocation bonus’ and ‘joining bonus’. You never know that most companies are willing to give that. Further you can always ask for a months advance on pretext of ‘new’ expenses due to shifting etc. Remember companies are paying the bare minimum they want to pay you and not the maximum they can afford.Always ask for more, furnished house, travel cash component, monthly paid off etc. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Studies have shown that people are under paid as much as 48% of what companies can really pay them!

The best hack of all : Upgrade your skills, learn more and get better.

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