1. I learnt the ‘phonetic alphabet’ memory method using Harry Lorayne’s book.

    • I can recall 75 random objects in and out of a list in order or without order. I can also recall a reversed list.
    • You tell me the object and I tell you the number. It took me one week to learn and I amuse people when they see some one remembering random objects. I was determined to go till 1,000 but I got bored!

    The lessons that I learnt are as follows:

    • There are plenty of things to be learnt and you can learn practically anything provided you have ample interest and time.
    • Everything worth knowing has to be learnt as it is knowledge accumulated by thousands of people over thousands of years.

    Overview of method

    1. You associate every number by aphonetic alphabet. For example you associate 1 with ‘T’ since 1 looks similar to ‘T’.
    2. Next you associate 2 with ’N’ since ’N’ has two bars.
      1. Similarly 3 = ‘M’
      2. 4 = r (Four ends with ‘r’)
      3. 5 = L (L = 50 in roman)
      4. 6 = S (Six has ‘S’)
      5. 7 = Hard ‘C’
      6. 8 = ‘V’
      7. 9 = ‘B’
      8. You only need to remember these nine combinations.
    3. You can choose your own letters but it is better to learn standard letters given in the book.
    4. Since you know the logic for each letter – number combination, you are never going to forget it.
    5. Remember only phonetic sounds of these letters is important.

    Illustration : Now ‘T’ is a substitute for number 1.I will make a word with the sound of ‘T’ and vowels. I will exclude any of the nine letters used earlier. I choose ‘Tie’, you can choose your preferred word.

    If I have to remember anything on position 1, I will associate that object with ‘Tie’. For example to remember aeroplane at number one position I will link a big aeroplane in my mind wearing a small tie.

    Rules of association

    • You must associate funny (ridiculous) things to objects. Aeroplane wearing tie going to office.
    • Exaggerate the number or attach a sound to association. Like aeroplane is screaming while wearing tight tie.
    • Associate an action to the sequence like aeroplane walking or running.
    • Mind remembers unusual/unique/funny/ridiculous objects/sequences.

    Similarly you can go on associating different things to different letter-number combinations.

    Here is my list of top nine combinations

    1 = Tie

    2 = Noah (Boat)

    3 = Mom or old lady

    4 = Whisky brand bottle ‘Re’

    5 = Police man or Law

    6 = Shoes

    7 = Cow

    8 = Ivy (Bushes which live as parasites on any tree)

    9 = Bee (Honey Bee)

    Books make geniuses. The rest is marketing.

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