I can tell your future right now.In the future there will be

  1. Pressure to perform
  2. Happiness due to events
  3. Dismay due to failures
  4. Moments of joy and episodes of craziness
  5. People will betray you, use you and break your heart
  6. People will help you, be with you and extend their support
  7. There will be deaths and more births around you
  8. Season will change and floods will hit at many places
  9. Politicians and nations will fight with each other
  10. New iPhone shall be launched
  11. You career will see transformation
  12. You will get old. Older than you ever imagined
  13. Similar all predictable events!

Once some one asked Buddha

‘Is there any god ?’

He answered ‘What will you do even if you know this ? What difference will it make to your life? If any change was about to happen or due to happen, it will happen without your consent or permission.Live life in the moment.Don’t waste it in unchangeable past and unimaginable non-existent future.Future is just now and past was just here.

Life is so unpredictable and that’s the best thing about it.You don’t know whom you fall in love with tomorrow, you don’t know whom you might see tomorrow, you are unaware of your future and that is what makes it wonderful and exciting.Surprise is life. If some one tell you about everything that might happen to you in future, would you love living your life ? Your life shall become scripted and boring!

Go out of your house and enjoy the morning Sun, the chirping of birds, cool breeze and stop thinking for a while please.We don’t waste 30% of our life sleeping but waste 90% of our life thinking with out direction or consent.Having a ‘No mind’ is real meditation and true enlightenment.

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