1. Nothing is permanent. Your looks,joy,sorrow,youth or even life, all is perishable. Do not waste your time chasing dreams for meaningless numbers on computer screen.Rather chase life and bliss.If you wake up today and are not humming your favorite song, are not filled with joy and ecstasy, what is the use of all those pricey possession you have or you are going to have.
  2. Love is freedom but attachment is bounding : Do you love your partner or are just attached to them ? Love frees you.If I don’t care what my lover does behind my back, she is free to leave any time , any moment with no strings attached and still she choose to live with me, then that is love.Same argument in vice versa sense. Love is freedom and not a golden cage.Love is acceptance of some one with all flaws.There are no conditions in love.Both of you are free, to come or go, any time.No hidden terms and conditions.
  3. Running but never reaching : We all run from pillar to post, from dawn to dusk, from childhood to death, but sadly reach no where.We come back to square one each morning.The key to life’s well being is in stopping for a while. Just stop for one hour,one minute,one second and you shall find infinite bliss.Whatever you do, whoever you become,whatever you get (in terms of materials,people or fame,recognition etc.), it shall end.That joy is short lived, very short.But why? Because that joy is borrowed joy. It depends on terms and conditions to be met.The logic is ‘Only if, then this’ applies. Your internal bliss is not real, it is not independent of outcome, it depends on activities and events. You know what is the self reported joy of winning a Nobel prize. For most of them it is seven days!. For others it’s even less!
  4. Joy is in the process and not in success :What Geeta said, what Mahavira pronounced, what Buddha told. Real joy is and must be in ‘Karma’ (work) and not out come. In practice accomplishment usually brings the end to the joy! You wanted that great SUV. You got that now under your hood. The joy shall last a maximum of seven days! Why ? Cause now mind knows and wants others MUVs out there.Mind is never satisfied.
  5. Love doesn’t (never) completes you but can compliment you : All relationships fail because we are searching for people who can provide us completeness and also happiness. But if both the partner are searching for the same goal, then a deficit will soon occur and relationship will start to drain you rather fulfill you.As Freud and other psychologists have stated, a relationship which lasts has to be complementing and not completing. One must be provider for most of the time with role reversal in between. Just like parent- child.In any relationship one has to be emotionally vulnerable and at least one of them has to be stoic.If both are mature enough, then it is the best duo out there.But the minimum criteria is ‘a least one’. In the course of time the stronger one shall change the vulnerable one.Vulnerability has its own charm and must never die but it has to be monitored and channeled subsequently.

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