A mix of both.

Innocence as in dull…No

Intelligence as in cunning…A big no.

Let me elaborate. Men are provider by nature. We like our girls to be slightly dependent on us.We love when you say that ‘Book my ticket from your mobile’ or ‘Search that address from google maps’ etc.. We are ‘fixers’ and we love to fix things.In fact we feel accomplished when our girl asks us to do some thing which she can’t do.It gives us a purpose in ‘her’ life.

  • Innocence here mean ‘slightly dependent’ specially for gender divided roles.As a rule of thumb, never try role reversal where you man can do something for you.He would love to change that bulb or fix your washing machine.
  • Innocence means un-awareness of roles which are more suited to men. It Helps us to compliment the relationship. Innocence never means the revelation of the fact that ‘kisses produce babies’. Its dumbness.
  • Innocence also means lack of over smartness.
  • By intelligence men want emotionally intelligent girl. You should be empathic and nurturing. Can’t integrate e^x^2 ? Okay. But you must know why your man is upset, without him telling you all, since men rarely speak their heart out.
  • Love = Care (for men) = Compassion (for women)

You must have intelligent innocence and innocent intelligence.

This guy liked me and I rejected him, now I am in love with him and he has rejected me. What should I do?