People are just like you and me.

  • They like the value of the object projected and not the real one.
  • They value scarcity and not your real worth.
  • They value you from your position, kind of possessions and not what you really are.

But this is not their fault it’s in the conditioning of their mind by society and evolution.

Take away

  • Be better dressed.
  • Have some material possessions with you.
  • Be a scarce resource.
  • Don’t be available always. You need to do this if you really not are very busy.
  • Be a bit vague and secretive.

Personality is the mask which we wear in society to save our inner self. We all are very good at heart (Believe me), but our experiences make us the one we are.

Take away

You are what you project to the society.

Be careful about what you project. Be always consistent and never ever lose your promise. Be late to promise but early to fulfill. People judge you by not what you say but what you do after what you say.

You are your promise.

With your closed one’s or the one’s whom you get really close, this mask or the guard drops off.

Only two points for now

  1. Create Value by projection (Don’t create which you can’t fulfill).
  2. Retain value by execution (Preserve your word by life).

via What are some psychology things from which we can understand people?