Only answer. It’s not worth it.

  • You can have multiple girl friends at a time if you are good looking and have a gift of gab. It is exciting in the beginning, but later on it’s very draining. Why ? Because as you move ahead, eventually one will become your favorite and you will lose touch of others. Other girls, who were just your ego boost or sexual interests will catch it sooner or later and start to look beyond. It becomes really painful as your ego will be hurt.
  • What ten girls will give you which one cannot ? Love is same, sex is same, every thing is same!. Just to boost your ego you will make it very difficult for those girls to trust on love again.
  • Yes , you can check out as many girls you want (Girls also do that. They also have a list of backup boy friends) , till your relationship has a stamp ‘committed’. After that both of you should restrain for bargain hunting. For a better solution, don’t commit before you can really ‘commit’.
  • The phenomenon is not gender specific. Many good looking girls have committed boyfriends but still look for ‘Options’.

Just think that ‘You can also become an option for one you really love’. Just think for a while that the girl you really love has also a ‘super secret’ lover!. How would you feel then ?

PS : Don’t lead any one if you don’t wanna go forward. Its very very frustrating. Spread love and not sexual seduction.