Its natural. Some people are more curious than others. You shouldn’t prison him in your love bar.

  • You just react that it doesn’t matter to you at all.You must rather encourage him and talk about good points of that girl. Look she is sexy as hell. He will love you like mad. He got a girl friend as well as a bro!

Men look at women as it is inbuilt in them for 10,000 years. Its fine. He will not go and propose them!. We admire beauty, looks, fashion sense, good hair, smell, accessories. We do not always look at headlights and bumpers! (Sorry for being implicit or explicit, depending on your understanding).

  • When you discuss this girl with you, they will develop insane rapport with you. They will be natural. Also they will talk to you more freely about girls and you will get a taste of their expectations from you.
  • Look, guys always miss their buddies when they are with their girlfriends. Become a Buddie and he will give their time to you also.

Note : It really works.

Endnote : Jealousy, some taunt, some girly stuff is okay at times but what do you want, that he should go and look at other girls when you are not with him!