Not at all.

No,it is not necessary to have a girlfriend or boyfriend in life but it is more necessary to have a ‘life’ in your life.

  1. If you think relationships make people happy, you are wrong. Relationships make people escape from reality, who are not happy in their reality. A happy person is content with himself. It is never required to have a girlfriend or boyfriend to be happy.
  2. Relationships are good support system, they can compliment your life, can make you happier but never happy.Do kids need relationship to be happy ? Do scientists or artists need them to be happy ? No complete person needs or wants relationship but it is always a welcome thing to enrich which you always have. If someone makes you happy to be with, then it is damn sure they will make you unhappy also in longer run.Root cause of all agony is desire i.e. expectation.
  3. Only those who have life, happiness, joy etc. can share it with others either in relationships or otherwise.

Girl friends are overrated. It is more important to have a life. A life , a happy life in which anyone can come.

  • If you really fall in love and wanna have a long relationship, then it’s okay. Else short flicks and flings are utter waste of time. its like satisfying your thirst with morning dew. It only leaves you more thirsty!
  • Why are you getting these thoughts then ? Answer : You lack a purpose in life. You don’t have better goals.It’s just an excuse by your mind to deviate you from working hard!
  • You must do some sports or physical hard work or adventure sport or Martial art. It is very much required to keep your mind in shape.

Be happy, be sexy.