Love is like a sapling. You need to water it and take care of it. It is not a constant variable (Note the oxymoron).

  • Trust issues : In any of the participants is insecure, it becomes number one cause of ‘break up’. If one partner feels her/him self as inferior, then trust issues will mount fast.Remedy is constant reassurance. The problem is that, when on partner is insecure, he/she will seek more validation for his/her love, which in turn make other partner insecure!
  • Communication Gap : This is the most common reason of break up. people don’t reach out. She will wait for his message and the will wait for her call! A kind of creepy awkwardness and ego always lives in such cases. It is not that love will end, but mind needs to know that you are there. In this era of abundance of everything, the distractions are more.It takes two seconds to ping a ‘hi’. And two minutes for a call.

As Ghalib said once

        उनसे आया ना गया

        हमसे बुलाया ना गया

  • Falling too soon in love : We misunderstand attraction for love. As a male , we get attracted to every second girl (Biological), doesn’t mean we love ever one of them. Male attraction is often appreciation. Thus i two people are in love so soon, its going to end in ‘classic three months’. It takes three months to fall in love and people have break up by then !
  • No Ego : Successful love stories also have fights, partial breakup, mood swings…but their is no ego from either side. if one is wrong, they are quick to correct it. They do not feel like ‘I can get thousands like him or her’. That is not love.