I am not extremely successful but I do rank in top three tutors in Mumbai for IIT JEE (Usually top two). This score is calculated on many factors, including you login frequency etc. (I was no. 1 for around 4 months).

Hemant P. – Home Tutor in Airoli Railway Station, Mumbai for Class IX-X Tuition

This is not for self boasting but for making you believe that I am also quite busy.

I usually write from my mobile and my laptop, on the go. Some times I do find time in the night and some times in the morning. If you see time stamp on my answers, don’t take them seriously. I save drafts at night and often update the final answer on the go.

Now to the original problem. They write because they love it. No one is busy,they only have priorities. We always find time for our love and what we love. If we can’t find time , then either love is not real or we are not!