Cheating as if

  • They stole my wallet: Forgivable
  • They fucked someone else by getting emotionally involved: Never
  • They started to think someone else as their partner and confessed : Never
  • They flirted with somebody just for fun: Forgivable

Trust is god. If my girlfriend thinks even for one second, somebody else replacing me, She is gone forever. Some one else can come to her mind only when I am not there. If I am not there then I am not there!

Why ?

I am exclusive for those who are exclusive to me.Since I don’t do two timing, I can’t bear two timing.

I am a choice and not an option.

No need for me to spy on my girl. I read it in their face, in their gestures, in the care they show towards me.

I am a madman, its not easy to deal with me.    Osho