Nice guy is just a puppy. Who likes puppies ?

  • A jerk or an Asshole is courageous. Its not easy to get them. They really make woman work for them. Why ? Because they love them selves. Women like guys who don’t need them!. She already has so many people around her praising her legs and face.She knows that they all want just ‘one thing’ from her!
  • A jerk also want the same thing from her but on his own terms. If we go in the finer details, a jerk does the right things to switch off the evolutionary brain of a woman. After that he may choose to be a lover or a player.
  • Nice guys don’t have balls and you know with out balls they are just like sisters to women!
  • I don’t advise that every one should start playing the mating game. But yes some times you must prove to your woman that ‘who is the man ‘ in the relationship.

Girls don’t like jerks but the masculinity they offer. Period.

via Do nice guys finish last?