Boyfriends ignore when

  • You are too clingy, demanding ,moody,unpredictable,too much tantrums and self boasting.
  • You are too distant, aloof, always in your own world, think that he must always follow you and consider yourself superior in the relationship.

Excess of every thing must be avoided. Even though you may feel like contacting him every hour, you must avoid that urge. Also you may be fine with not having any contact for a week but must make a deliberate attempt to do so. Relationships are to be managed in the beginning stages very carefully. Here where lies the real breakup zone. Once the rapport is well established, you can take many liberties but you must compensate the losses, if any.

Guys like independent girls. Never overuse or abuse your status as a girl friend. he is your boyfriend and not your personal assistant.Similarly on the other side. Do not become a personal assistant of him!