Even after swallowing the red pill, the constant bombardment of blue pill ideas and blue pilled media at time smake sus lose control of our Alpha behaviour and turn on our ‘not so dead’ nice guy behaviour. We all have experienced great seduction, all going well, girl under your belt, desperate for you and kind of obeying your verbal and nonverbal commands.

Then here comes the wicked moment which unleashes the ‘nice guy’ in us. We get swayed by so called not-so-innocent but innocent-looking gesture of girl or any such act which temporarily topples us from our Alpha cliff.

Since Alpha cliff is a high altitude order, falling from there even temporarily sets us off many weeks back into the seduction. A Rookie fails here altogether. He May not know what to do in this situation.

An experienced red piller will drop her completelty for two weeks to see her again going into normal mode. A rookie will however fall into vicious circle of desperateness, only to lose girl forever.

Example 1 : You were doing all things right, giving right amount of earned praises, right amount of negging, right amount of ignoring at right times, giving appropriate amount of tingles and vibes. Then comes the wicked moment! She just bought a new dress, got a saloon job, new hair, new sexy waxed legs, lost some weight while you were busy with other chicks for whole week, and you swayed off your Alpha cliff!

You dropped your frame momentarily and said ‘ Wow what a beauty. You killed me today!’ or something like that (Out of your current frame and positioning. Positioning means that you were in neglecting phase and suddenly changed stance).

She laughs, kind of blushes, leaves early from the date! (remembers important work), doesn’t sends you good night text, her last seen was early (Like she slept early!), kind of ignores you for full 4 days (Never ever happened before!), reverses the power game and puts you on her beta friend list!

One Weak moment at wrong time, wrong positioning of frame and you lose the girl (at least for a week with fresh shit tests!)!

Example 2 : She was upset for something, kind of emotional (might be crying!). You lost frame. Tried helping her getting her shit together, pacified her, wasted your precious Alpha busy time (In he reyes), avoided sex (Since what will she think etc crappy logic!), became very emotional etc, tried calling her as she left home, messaged her whether she is alright etc.

All of sudden she got cold, stop replying to you and put you in beta girlfriend (Not even boyfriend!) list!

Example 3 : You are neglecting her and she’s feeling the pain. Her face is off. She is a bit depressed and you now try to rescue her off the mess you yourself created! You support her (Many times rookies start to describe red pill and seduction to the girl, tell her that they were playing only to find true love etc. and tell her that since AWALT, they were testing whether she is different or not.

She says the famous shit women say ‘I am not like the other girls. I am diffffeeerrrrenttt!’ Ha ha , you fell in the pit dude. She will not feel or react instantly. She will in fact truly feel that you are right. But later on when she ruminates on her thoughts, discusses it with her friends, she will overturn you for being a pussy and again manipulator!

Remember and tattoo it on your soul (Better on penis because he suffers the most after losing a pussy!)

  • Women are merciless to beta males. She was treating you ‘specially’ because you were treating her ‘differently’. Women are personality blind forever. They only behave as if as a reaction of you treating her.
  • Women’s emotional states are temporary. They don’t want you to be swayed by their emotions. Help them, support them in the time sof distress but only logistically and NOT emotionally. She will feel better instantly if you emotionally support her but later hate you (As she come back to senses) and ignore you incessantly and will put you under more difficult shit tests.
  • Never ever pity a women for being emotional or sad or weak. Give Her sex, let her work for you and then let her feel happy. She must feel happy doing something for you and not the reverse.
  • Never ever try to make a woman understand the logic of red pill and seduction.

Bullet rule of red pill (Which newcomers to this arena fail to understand)

Show red pill idea sto any women, explain them to her, try to rationalise them to her by logic, tell her that you do all this only because of women’s irrational illogical behaviour, and she will slam you. Do the same things to her (without telling) and she will again slam you but on the bed with her vagina!!

Never lose your frame, never lose your positioning suddenly, never lose your girl.

PS : Default mode of girl is to reject you so that she can find someone better than you. Keep that in mind.


via How one adverse “blue pill moment” can cost you your girl and defy weeks of hard work to zero? : TheRedPill