I wrote a post some time back about ‘Innocent girls in real life’.

Now I want to extend it to another much more dangerous phenomenon (Social media unicorn) in online world. Whenever we start a new relationship, we often research about our partners online. We check their profile picture updates, Instagram ID, whatsapp status etc. to gauge their real status of relationship and not what they bluff.

THis is usually the case when we seek more than one night stand and are a bit more serious with the girl. Usually we can guess about inner frame of mind of any girl through this online social media activities like updating profile pics etc (If we are not connected with them on social media accounts).

Now comes a disturbing trends. I have experience with many girls who are quite media shy or lazy. You can see the same profile pics for months on their profile, same status and what not. But they are overactive in inbox! Many girls I know have a very low key social media profile bu tif you inbox them you will find them to be quite wild!

The reasons are

Usually girls after a breakup start to keep low media profile (May be due to pain). But since may potential nice guy type stalkers find this very appealing that girl is now single and so called ‘not involved’, they kind of barrage these girls with love messages. This give these Ex social butterflies a new high and idea of ‘false identity’.They enjoy the attention and the silent fun.

They also want to keep their Ex in waiting mode since many guys secretly wish to reunite with their girls. These girls are also aware that their low key profile will attract more quality men to them.They create the illusion of so called ‘good girl’ and also enjoy high quality males ininbox while keeping all of them in ‘on the toe’ mode!

Take aways

This create unforeseen unicornitis to the guys who are potential lovers and immense oneitis for Ex lovers. Hence Beware. Anything which is too good to be true is, probably is. Anything unusual is always a red pill flag. Sometimes they have more than one media accounts.One to attract and other to keep. Many Times they are too lazy to update pics status etc. Other Times It’s a trap. THis kind of unicornitis is more dangerous than any other type of obsessive love. It starts with ‘Oneitis’ and ends with great obsessive love.

No one is saint, remember this always and beware of these secret blood sucking whores.


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