It is simple to be difficult but difficult to be simple.

Few tips to make one’s life simple

  1. Avoid Multitasking : Always do stuff one by one. However tempting it might seem, its never a good idea to
    1. Eat while watching TV
    2. Using social media while studying
    3. Using mobile in your gym
    4. Having more than one girl/boy friend!
  2. Living in the moment (planning for the today only) : One never knows what will happen in next 7 days only and we tend to plan for our whole life!. Quit daydreaming. Focus on next hour only or at most today. Tomorrow never comes and even it comes it is full of surprises.[pullquote]Difference between thinking and worrying is that thinking has an outcome but worry has only loop of thoughts.[/pullquote]
  3. Yes we must have future plans for investment and everything. But these must be automated or should only be a process and not a nagging thought.Difference between thinking and worrying is that thinking has an outcome but worry has only loop of thoughts. 
  4. Avoiding procrastination : We all procrastinate. It is much easier to pay that electricity bill now than to procrastinate it till last date. We waste more time in thinking (deciding) rather than doing. Sometimes it takes less time to do than to decide!
    1. Want to propose to your girl/boy, do it now baby. Even if it’s a ‘no’ it will save your countless hours in planning and worrying. Scientifically mind hates uncertainties. It is better to have a no or yes, rather than worrying about it your whole life!. Face the heat once and either enjoy the moment or get freed from worry. Both are heaven.
    2. Same logic applies to hundred other things. Want to start exercising. Ahh…don’t think much.Get up of your couch and just do 10 push ups!. Wasn’t it easy. Starting is the most difficult aspect of any task.Want to quit smoking. Just make a rule : Whenever you have this thought of quitting smoking you will
      • Destroy all cigarettes you have
      • Do 10 push ups
      • Eat one small piece of ginger
  5. Limit your exposure to TV,FB,Instagram and WA : Every thing on social media is not information. As long as you are using social media for 80% information (Knowledge,wisdom), it fine .But if you are using it as an ego boost or self validation then its toxic.How many likes you get on that image posted on FB has nothing to do with your self perception or ego boost. We all know how social media works. It works on simple give and take. Like for a like!. Why waste your time on unnecessary self boost.I have a rule. I usually fix time for my social media activities(Except Quora).More over my FB feed has more subscriptions from top contributors like Entrepreneur,[pullquote]Social media is like a knife,you can use it to cook or kill![/pullquote]Business Insider,Collective evolution,Elephant journal,Psychology today and top news papers than that those celebrity gossips. In that sense I am growing even on social media.

Social media is like a knife,you can use it to cook or kill!