Ethical manipulation is same as charming people.

  1. Use carrot and stick approach. Appreciate good behaviour but punish bad behaviour (V Imp).
  2. The basis of ethical manipulation is alway keeping your power and charm in tact. Do not give more than asked for or people deserve. Give rough treatment at times so that they assume your value.
  3. Only hack for dealing with people ethically is keep your value in tact. Never push too much, keep a bit of distance. A common trick is mismatched communication. Whenever you are with them, be 100% present. But if you are not with them physically, don’t bother them, linger them too much.
  4. Some distance is necessary to keep the fire of love going. We need space and air for love to blossom and prosper. Too distant and they forget you, too close and you start to stink.

Life is a fine balance, you know.

via Answer Comments – Quora