Every generation feels that.

Nowadays exposure of media and information explosion has made a pseudo image that today’s generation is worst.

My views about today’s generation

  1. Frank and less hypocrite : Current generation is bold and frank. They know exactly what they want and are ready to fight for their causes and means. They are no hypocrites and are not ready to sacrifice their happiness for petty reasons like societal and parental pressure.They are more informed and bold. If their frankness is re framed as rudeness, I am not going to buy that crap.
  2. Tech savvy : Kids are so tech savvy and efficient that their over smart parents don’t know that these chaps are aware of every secret monitoring tool installed in their devices and are more savvy to give false information suited to their interests to their guardians!. Welcome to hackers generations.They know more about you Mr Daddy than you know about them.Forget theirs, get your phone and laptop checked for hacking!
  3. Shrewd :Kids are no longer shy kids. They are smart. You never know that your homely shy daughter at home might have five breakups!. They are masters in masking emotions and faking smiles.

PS : We also were judged like you by our previous generation.All points applied to us also, might be in milder degree.

via Do you feel that it isn’t fair when peers and adults generalize about today’s generation as if this is the worst generation ever?