Many best worst combinations are there.

  1. I always had love reciprocated back. I was lucky enough to be loved back always. I had quite a few relationships also. But the girl whom I really loved ( A Bengali sweetie pie,my Misti doi!),was never my girlfriend in real sense. She loved me too but somehow it could never materialised. It is best feeling to be loved but worst feeling to be unable to get the best girl made for you. True love sometimes scare me!. Deeper you or your partner love each other,harder it is to let go. And if it is unrequited both ways, you are dead for your whole life. Only the wearer knows….
  2. I find myself gifted (Source IQ test,people’s testimony,my own observation) which is a nice thing. The better part is that I was not at all analytical all my life, I was rather poetical. I developed my analytical skills from scratch. From a topper in Hindi ( in my grade VIII) to a topper in maths (in Xth and XIIth grade), I worked on it relentlessly. As far as English language is concerned, I was no better. I still don’t understand grammar and still falter at times. I use my intuition only. That was the good part. I am a quick learner. But the bad part. I get bored very easily. I started learning grammar for instance and found it not stimulating enough. Only subjects which hold my imagination till now are psychology,writing and mathematics. Because I love them. I don’t get bored by things I love. Everything else is noise or hold my interest as long as I get convinced that I can conquer them.