The great difference lies in the thinking pattern of two genders.

  • Men are more direct while women are indirect : A ‘no’ is a ‘no’ and a ‘yes’ is a ‘yes’ to them.For a women these two simple words can take a zillion meanings.Women are more emotional as well as moody (primarily due to the hormonal cycles in their bodies). For a women, the contextual meaning is more important than a direct meaning. Women talk in terms of metaphors.They are expert in indirect communication primarily due to social pressures and etiquette bestowed upon them by society.
  • Men have disconnected brains while women have interlinked gateway : My best friend’s behavior last evening has no resemblance to my mood when I am with my girl. But for women every thing is interconnected. Their mood (current mood) is amalgamation of 1000s of other things going in the background. Women live in emotions while for men emotion is a part of psychological vocabulary! No doubt men are emotional but they can cut it off if required. While this is useful for men to cut short ever distracting emotions, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to manage emotions when they are unmanageable. This is why men take so long to get out of break ups as they go on piling emotions and keep neglecting them. Once that dam is broken,they are literally washed away.
  • Men commit verbally but women commits mentally : Men commit very early for relationships while women take a long time to commit verbally. It may be the case that they might have mentally committed for the same. There is a high chance that the girl you loved and she also loved you and none have ever expressed their feelings, is still in love with you.Once any girl loves you truly,it takes a long time for that love to die.The primary reason is their interconnected brain. Each love song she hears,each couple she sees,each romantic movie she watches,reminds her of you ,each time. Haven’t expressed your love yet ? Go do it next time. While it is difficult to enter a good girls heart,it is equally difficult to get out of it. She might deny it forever but deep down she knows she can’t resist people whom she has loved once.
  • Men are vocal while girls are reticent : If a man feels 100 he will speak 90 while if a girl feels 100 she will speak out only 10. If girls don’t express so much doesn’t means she doesn’t love. I have seen personal diaries of girls and romantic songs (as well as sad songs) playlists so enriched that most men can never ever imagine the depth of woman emotions and thoughts. A friend of mine used to listen only one song which her lover liked whole day! One song for full day in full volume and neighbors know it by word to word! Men’s aggression is external,in terms of gifts,dates,poetry,cards but a women’s expression of love is at times purely internal and many times only in their mind! You can never imagine as a male the depth and intensity of a women’s emotion. However modern we might become,if true love strikes,then emotions are same and are as intense as they ever can be.

Essentially men and women are same at emotional level but in men rational mind overpowers emotional mind while in women its vice versa.

Bonus Tip : Want to test whether you are in true mutual love ? If you mind has become a radio station,broadcasting only romantic songs and your inner monkey mind is taking a break from criticizing you,congratulations you life is screwed aka ‘you are in love’!

Another test is ‘baby mode’. If you are often returning to your childhood toys and feel like a baby, you might be in love (All those ‘teddy bears’ become your best friends again).