Both yes and no. Everything is indeed fair in true love and war. But every means to achieve your love is not fair.

  1. You can play some mind games to attract your love specially if you are not sure about how they will react to your moves and manoevers. These so called mind hacks give you enough confidence and understanding of psychology. But if you are playing only games to seduce someone then it’s not fair.
  2. Going unethical is again not fair in love. If you use mind games to snatch partners of others, destroy true love between people to get someone you love, it’s not fair. Love is love. Be it my love or your love or anybody’s love. A true love rises in love. He becomes more ethical, emphatic and nice human being. Love elevates those who fall into it.
  3. Ultimately love is surrender and war is winning. You give all in love and try to snatch all in war. Even if you get your love by cheating, destroying other people’s love or through mind games, you have to bare all, you have to let them know, you have to stop playing mind games to enjoy full love. It is very difficult to drop mind games if it doesn’t match with your inner criterion values. Love is baring your soul to someone. It’s risky but if you meet compatible partner is worth the risk. If you have been in true mutual love ever, you can understand what I am saying. Love is ecstasy. Intense pleasure. Absolute peace of mind. You get immense feeling of calmness in true love. No waiting, no jealousy, no mind games, total connection. Just like enlightenment. If anything matches enlightenment so closely, it’s the state of real true love. Rest is media hype, marketing and physical biological lures played on your mind. Physics comes after chemistry in love.

Anything which you can tell your partner after your love is accomplished without guilt is fair in love.

In the end love means two becomes one. You have to bare all. Everything. Keep that in mind. Only love fulfills. Sex and relationship fulfill for sometime and then drain you more.