Ah no!

Let me tell you a secret. If girls stay proposing they will start getting much better boyfriends they currently have. Girls have a problem of analysis paralysis and over thinking. You assume too much.

  1. Men are lazy.
  2. They are usually tired of approaching a lot of girls. Same routine, same tantrums!
  3. Men who suffered heavy breakups are usually broken from inside. Breakups hurt girls but breaks a man’s self worth and shatters his ego (True love scenario). Hence many men may never approach you let alone propose.
  4. Chances of getting a yes for a girl to boy proposal are 10X more. Even if they half love you they will accept.
    1. Men need anchor.
    2. They half love many girls!
    3. Since they approach lot many girls, their rejection rate in high. Hence they take lot of precaution before re approaching.
  5. Propose a bit sneakly like a lady. Do not bend on knees and profess I love you! Start by I like you. Gestures, mild touching,smiles,short notes, taking care etc. You show love and not say it. Proposal happens in a magical moment. You just say out of nowhere that you love him. Proposal must have a surprise value. For a moment mind must stop thinking. Everything must come to an halt.
    1. Take time, let the mood build up.
    2. Don’t plan or practice. Let the moment come when your heart says yes.

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