Let me give you an insight. You are playing a joker and always trying too hard.If you want a woman only for sex, then its alright,you go with your pick up lines,learned magic tricks, one liners,joke and all the stuff.

In an ideal relationship a woman must also contribute. Have you ever thought on lines that, what does she has to offer to you ? You are also selecting woman. She must also contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way. Aren’t you too needy ?

If she is not trying to carry forward the conversation (unless she is too shy), I guess you must catch up with another women. Social conditioning is valid only till the point of asking out. A man asks out and the two go for a date. Afterwards if she is not stimulating enough and you only need to row the boat,I guess its not going to work out later.

  • You two must be able to naturally take over the discussion.
  • If nothing is left out to be discussed you both must be comfortable with the silence.
  • You are also selecting.Keep this in mind and your task shall become easier. Needy relationships never last.
  • Allow her to expand. Allow her to open up.Do not forcefully carry forward any relationship or discussion. If there is nothing to speak, end the discussion and go to work. This at least will keep the spark alive which can be later ignited.
  • More selective you become,better choices nature presents to you. Allow them to fall for you.Let them also do some effort and take some pain. A relationship is as worthy as pain taken for acquiring it.

I bet you will get much much better in six odd months. Have the balls to reject women and see how the alpha one’s flock around you. Women have acute sixth sense,they kinda smell it.